Supporting Industry

Travel and Tourism Industry is a social, cultural and economic phenomenon related to the movement of people from their place of residence to another where they will stay temporarily.

As such, it has effects on the economy, the natural environment in rural and urban areas, the local population of the places visited and the visitors themselves. These various impacts, as well as the variety of inputs required to provide goods and services that may be interested to acquire visitors and the broad spectrum of stakeholders involved or affected by this economic activity, make it necessary to adopt a comprehensive approach development, management and supervision of the same.

Effective consolidation requires that economic agents, communities and government narrow relationships and act as a consolidated company on destinations, such as to ensure and meet the expectations of the traveler during his visit.

They promote and sell the benefits of a destination or country as a whole, in competition with others, and so the preference of travelers are encouraged to visit. Then it's on to take care of proper treatment, so that they feel impressed both by the human quality and the quality of goods and services, then taking them to want to come back in the future or recommend the destination visited.

The dynamics of the industry, ie, technologies and emerging science, new products and services, demographic changes, regulations evolving business models become, and growing expectations of stakeholders, promote the search for efficiency, innovation , diversity and quality of supply.

Our support is to be present when so required, through plans and programs implemented directly or through entities or associations, government, nonprofit organizations, serving the travel and tourism industry, such as the following:

  1. Conservation and protection of natural resources and the environment;
  2. Development and cultural growth of roots and identity as a people;
  3. Achievement of human well-being through education, assistance and structures, and
  4. Development and economic growth regarding technical and professional training, entrepreneurship, business incubation, improvement and financing, producing revitalization and economic benefit.