Tours & Activities Management System


End-to-end solution tailored for tour and activity operators

State-of-the-art technology makes WTO TAMS the most modern e-commerce platform around. One platform to manage all your sales, distribution, inventory, pricing and packaging.


One platform for all your needs

We have created a platform that is very powerful and yet easy to use. With WTO TAMS you have a platform with all the tools an activity provider needs. Everything from inventory and price management with integrated resource planning to entrance and validation management. WTO TAMS works both online and offline, and you don’t need to spend unnecessary time in an office since it works great on your mobile device.

  • Resource planning, route management and calendaring
  • Advanced pricing with e.g. tiered pricing and discount rules
  • Online sales and large variety of payment options
  • Distribution (OTAs, +1000 travel agents and API)
  • Flexible ticketing (mobile, group, multiple entrances, you name it)
  • Advanced entry management (hardware agnostic with group check-in etc)
  • Point-of-sale (POS)

Those are just some of the features we provide to increase our customers’ profit and revenue with a minimum administration. WTO started this e-commerce solutions for the tourism industry  years ago and although we have one of the best solutions on the market, we are just getting started.



The Flexible Solution

Works on every device – 100% responsive

Today we live with our devices, both as consumers and in business. WTO TAMS is 100% responsive in administration as well as booking engine. This streamlined end-to-end experience means better conversion for your e-commerce and easier and faster administration of the platform.

  • Increased online conversion and sales
  • Faster administration
  • Better user-experience for everyone (including you)
Inventory management

We have created an inventory management handling in WTO TAMS  to impress you with. Version tracking, publishing control, language support for multiple languages and currencies, automatic season content and much more. All with advanced pricing possibilities and full flexibility.

Ticketing & Entry Management
  • Android app
  • Ability to scan Aztek/QR code
  • Supports Group check-in
  • Works online and offline
  • Generates departure lists
  • Open technology enabling integrations



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